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Green Building

Green Building design, construction and operation aims to satisfy the philosophy of sustainability by providing a holistic approach to bring together social, environment and profitability in one strong synergistic partnership.

Eco Design

Eco Design uses passive design principles to optimize human environment interaction through smart use of local materials and micro-climatic adaptation in providing a holistic symbiotic living relationship.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is best achieved in the work place through a paradigm shift of behavioral change in the way utilization of energy is carried out by the general employee population. This is a no cost low hanging fruit option.

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Company Summary

Green Earth Design Solution Sdn. Bhd. (GEDS) is a Malaysian-owned environmental and green technology consultancy providing sustainable services and solutions. It caters to government bodies, private corporations, SMEs and individual clients who are directly or indirectly involved in building and construction, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and manufacturing, in the areas of energy, environmental and green technology.

GEDS’s core capabilities lie in its range of consultation and advisory services that cater to the needs and demands of every sector of the market that requires services in renewable energy, environmental and green technology. This includes government bodies, private corporations, SMEs and i
ndividual entities that are directly or indirectly involved in the Building & Construction Industry, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.

Its extensive service offerings include but not limited to Green Building Rating Assessment & Certification, Sustainable Design & Development, Green Technology & Alternative Energy R&D, Energy & Environmental Audit, Assessment & Monitoring, Ecological & Carbon Footprint Assessment, Sustainable Policy & Guideline Assessment and Green Materials & Product Solutions.



We envision a future when renewable and sustainable energy is the main power sustenance for life on Earth, and the production of such clean and green energy will be a daily and commonplace occurrence.

We visualize a landscape dotted with solar panels and wind turbines powering homes, farms, small and big businesses. We strive to offer green solutions, services and products that brings us closer to when governments, businesses and humanity break from its reliance on oil, nuclear power and other polluting energy sources that are compromising health, air quality, pristine water, mountain vistas and the quality of living. We embrace the opportunity to use small scale renewable energy to promote a secure energy future for homeowner, businesses, our next generation and the generations to come.


GEDS is dedicated to innovative green technologies and advance green products that provide renewable energy solutions for homeowners, communities, businesses and governmental bodies while creating a sustainable, green environment and future.

It is also GEDS’s mission to provide technical expertise and assist in deploying strategic and practical green solutions to improve energy conservation, consumption as well as the living standards of the community and the nation.