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Green Building design, construction and operation aims to satisfy the philosophy of sustainability by providing a holistic approach to bring together social, environment and profitability in one strong synergistic partnership.

Eco Design

Eco Design uses passive design principles to optimize human environment interaction through smart use of local materials and micro-climatic adaptation in providing a holistic symbiotic living relationship.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is best achieved in the work place through a paradigm shift of behavioral change in the way utilization of energy is carried out by the general employee population. This is a no cost low hanging fruit option.

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Welcome To GEDS
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Dear Greenplementors,

Welcome to our new online portal. This year marks our 4th year as the premier environmental sustainable design service provider in Malaysia. We are more committed than ever to provide the highest quality service and products to our clients. This is done through significant investment in upgrading our building performance softwares and equipments. We are also introducing more service products this year that will cater to not only the business to business market but will also cater the business to consumer market.

In 2013, we are continuing our partnership with ESIROI, a prestigious graduate engineering school in Reunion Island France, in providing ESIROI students with internship training in the areas of sustainable and green building design, advance computational modeling of building performance and Solar Roof Top Photo Voltaic.

We are also in the process of acquiring our own office premise in 2013. The new office offers the concept of Google office environment, which is inline with our values in providing flexibility and work life balance to our employees. The new office is designed and retrofitted to comply with the highest green building standard for office interiors. This includes innovative features in providing natural daylight into the spaces and smart utilization of eco-materials in the occupied spaces.

All these efforts is to ensure that we continuously provide the optimum conducive environment for our employees to strive in, so that they will in turn produce the best results for our clients. In GEDS, our purpose of existence is "impacting the world through greenplementors to create a sustainable planet for generations to come!". I believe, together we can make this happen. Wishing you all a fantastic 2013 with GEDS!

Best Regards,

Dr. Nurul Muiz Murad,PhD

Founder/Managing Director

Petaling Jaya