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Green Building design, construction and operation aims to satisfy the philosophy of sustainability by providing a holistic approach to bring together social, environment and profitability in one strong synergistic partnership.

Eco Design

Eco Design uses passive design principles to optimize human environment interaction through smart use of local materials and micro-climatic adaptation in providing a holistic symbiotic living relationship.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is best achieved in the work place through a paradigm shift of behavioral change in the way utilization of energy is carried out by the general employee population. This is a no cost low hanging fruit option.

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Affordable homes are now made intelligent and sustainable, thanks to GEDS green and intelligent by design.


GEDS newest product is an affordable sustainble hous called the GRid Home. The GRid (GReen, Intelligent Design) homes can be delivered to the customer within 30 days of ordering. The secret to this lies in its sustainable, modular and mobility technology; all combined into a single platform. This modular design and construction concept makes the GRid home suitable for housing solution in newly developed areas, construction sites, natural disaster relief and holiday resort where modular and mobility is at an absolute priority.



The GRid Home Modular and Mobile Technology

The GRid home comes delivered in a 20-foot container form. From there it can be set-up and installed within a few hours. Fully installed, it has a build up of 600 square feet (36’x24’) and can be expanded into a 3 bedroom home. The modular design and technology makes it possible for the GRid home to be configured according to the specification of the occupant. Fully expandable, it has seven full functional spaces. It can be configured down to five, four or even three functional spaces. The highly modular design and configuration ensure living in the GRid home is always exciting and never boring. The GRid home space frame makes it easier to set the home up and to dismantle it down. Using series of combination of hinges and locks makes setting up specific spaces very easy to do.


GRid Home Simple Setup

Setting the GRid home are easy as the occupant only needs to open each of the frame façade and lock them together. Each lengthwise space that comprises three bedrooms, kitchen and dining takes only ten simple steps to set up. Similarly, the entrance foyer and storage space together with the toilet and bathroom takes only ten simple steps to set up. All together, twenty steps are taken to set up the GRid home. This can be completed within a few hours.


The GRid Home Solar PV Technology

The GRid home is designed using concept of green technology making it self sustaining, ideal for use in remote and isolated locations where access to electricity and potable water proves to be difficult. The GRid home draws its power from the sun using solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. By using advance technology in Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery, continuous electricity can be obtained from the sun even under constant cloudy conditions. The GRid home itself is designed using passive green design technology making it highly energy efficient and optimized for low energy consumption.


The GRid Home Insulation and Ventilation Technology

GEDS GRid home are designed and made with comfort in mind. The GRid homes are cooling attributed to nano highly insulated materials used in its roofing and wall design.The highly insulated nano materials prevent heat from entering into the space making it cooling. Its high modularity makes optimizing its orientation with respect to the sun possible in eliminating heat from entering habitable space within the GRid home. The GRid home high modularity design also makes it possible to optimize cross ventilation into its space allowing for natural breeze to flow through making its occupant comfortable all day long.


The GRid Home Water-Less Technology

The GRid home are designed for use in areas or situation where access to potable fresh water is difficult. It is installed with rainwater harvesting system that functions to harvest rainwater to be used for cleaning, washing and showering.The GRid home rainwater harvesting system is designed based on historical Malaysian rainwater weather pattern. For the GRid home, it can store enough rainwater for a minimum five days during the drought season.


The GRid Home Eco-Bio Toilet Technology

The GRid homes are also fitted with dry toilets using the latest toilet eco-bio technology.The GRid home dry toilets negate the need for a septic tank or a sewerage treatment plant. This is ideal in areas where water based infrastructure is not available. The GRid home dry toilets are easy to use and maintain.


The GRid Home Energy Saving Lighting and Electrical Appliances

The GRid Home uses low energy LED lighting for night time application. Low electrical appliances such as ceiling fans is installed in the GRid Home. The low energy consumption makes the use of Solar PV Technology possible for the GRid Home.


For more info please call our office on GEDS Group Holding Sdn Bhd on 03-7887 8967.



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